FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 14, 2016 Contact: Noorjahan Akbar, 202-974-7734 or nakbar@popconnectaction.org

WASHINGTON, DC – Population Connection Action Fund, the political arm of Population Connection and America’s population movement, announced today its endorsement of Maggie Hassan for election to the United States Senate from New Hampshire. As a governor, Hassan has been a relentless voice for women’s reproductive rights and has fought hard to improve access to clinics, contraceptives and safe abortions.

“Population Connection Action Fund is proud to endorse a champion for women’s rights and health for election to the United States Senate,” said John Seager, President and CEO of Population Connection Action Fund. “Maggie Hassan has proved time and time again that she is not afraid to stand for women’s right to reproductive health and choice.”

While Governor Hassan has, among other things, created essential buffer-zones to protect the safety of reproductive-health providers and patients, her opponent, Senator Kelly Ayotte, is an outspoken anti-abortion advocate. Ayotte not only opposes federal funding for abortion but has also worked to decrease access to contraceptives, prohibit embryonic stem cell research, and limit women’s reproductive rights. In fact, during the 2010 Senate Race, Ayotte argued that Roe V. Wade “should be overturned.” Ayotte has also voted several times to defund Planned Parenthood and allow bosses to restrict the health care choices of their employees.

Gov. Hassan has stated, "As governor, I have always fought to expand opportunity for New Hampshire families and to protect a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, and I will continue to fight tirelessly for these critical priorities in the United States Senate.”

“We appreciate Gov. Hassan’s willingness to stand up for women around the world, and we’re proud to stand up for her in this campaign,” added Seager.



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