FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 15, 2016 Contact: Noorjahan Akbar, 202-974-7734 or nakbar@popconnectaction.org

WASHINGTON, DC – Population Connection Action Fund, the political arm of Population Connection and America’s population movement, announced today its endorsement of Patrick Murphy (D-FL) for the United States Senate. Rep. Murphy earned a 100 percent score on the Action Fund’s 2015-2016 Congressional Report Card.

“Population Connection Action Fund is proud to endorse Rep. Murphy for election to the Senate,” said John Seager, president of Population Connection Action Fund. “Rep. Murphy is a champion for women’s reproductive rights and freedoms.”

Rep. Murphy has not only used his vote to protect women’s reproductive rights but also consistently spoken out to defend it. He has co-sponsored legislation to prevent a future imposition of the Global Gag Rule – a policy that disqualifies the most effective, experienced and respected providers of reproductive health in the developing world from receiving U.S. assistance. He has voted to prevent bosses from restricting the family planning choices of their employees and has worked hard to ensure access and funding for contraception. He was also among the strongest voices standing up to Republican Representatives who attempted to defund Planned Parenthood.

“I fully support a woman's right to choose and believe that efforts to curtail this right amount to an unacceptable intrusion by the government into the private lives of its citizens. This right has been under continual assault by the courts and Republican legislatures for decades, and we should not be passive in its defense,” Rep. Murphy has stated.

“We’re looking forward to replacing one of the most dogmatic opponents of reproductive health in the Senate with Congressman Murphy, who has stood with girls and women around the world throughout his term. We are proud to stand up with him in his campaign for the U.S. Senate,” Seager added.


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