Population Connection Action Fund Endorses Michael Bennet for United States Senate


WASHINGTON, DC – Population Connection Action Fund, the political arm of Population Connection and America’s population movement, announced today its endorsement of Michael Bennet for reelection to the United States Senate from Colorado. Senator Bennet, a fierce champion for women’s rights, has earned a 100 percent score on the Action Fund’s 2015 Congressional Report Card.

“Population Connection Action Fund is proud to endorse Michael Bennet for reelection to the United States Senate,” said John Seager, president of Population Connection Action Fund. “Senator Bennet continues to speak out in support of women who want to make decisions for themselves and their families without political interference.”

Senator Bennet has always been a staunch advocate for legislation designed to give women full reproductive freedom. He voted against a ban on safe abortion for trafficking victims and continues to push back against Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood. He is a consistent and passionate representative for women’s health and has tirelessly worked to expand access to family planning services for our country’s, and the world’s, most vulnerable citizens.

“Decisions about when to start a family and whether to terminate a pregnancy are extremely personal decisions, and should be made by a woman, her family, her faith, and her doctor, not the federal government,” Senator Bennet has stated. “We also need to focus on the goal so many of us share: reducing unintended pregnancies by offering comprehensive sex education and increasing the availability of safe birth control and family planning services.”


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