Population Connection Action Fund Endorses Patty Murray for United States Senate


WASHINGTON, DC – Population Connection Action Fund, the political arm of Population Connection, today announced its endorsement of Patty Murray for reelection to the United States Senate from Washington. Senator Murray, a solid supporter of family planning, earned a 100 percent score on the Action Fund’s 2015 Congressional Report Card.

“Population Connection Action Fund is proud to endorse a true women’s health champion for reelection to the United States Senate,” said John Seager, president of Population Connection Action Fund. “Patty Murray is not afraid to confront special interest groups and politicians who are trying to deprive women everywhere of their right to self-determination.”

Senator Murray has consistently supported legislation devised to protect women’s reproductive health care and rights. She championed the 21st Century Women’s Health Act, which ensures women will have access to the full range of reproductive health care, and has continued to protect women’s access to no-copay birth control. She has helped lead the fight against harmful restrictions on international family planning programs and fought for aid to expand access to contraceptives in the developing world.

Senator Murray has stated: “In the 21st century, there is no reason a woman should be prevented from exercising her constitutionally guaranteed right to make her own choices about her own body. That is something I could not feel more strongly about, and I am going to keep working to not only protect that right but expand and improve access to care for women across the country.”

“We are truly excited to help return one of the great champions of reproductive health and rights to the United States Senate,” Seager said.


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